Training That Suits Your Learning Style

First aid and CPR training are mandatory for employees in industrial and infrastructure workplaces, and are mandatory for work sites to be compliant with both federal and provincial occupational health and safety legislation. 

We offer both classroom-style and mobile first aid, CPR, and safety training. We also adapt this training to suit different learning styles. For example, visual learners may want to see how something is done, while auditory learners may prefer to hear explanations and talk their way through things. Similarly, kinaesthetically-oriented people may want to learn hands-on. 

We deliver the equipment, training, and knowledge to assist in this process, ensuring that your staff receive the best possible training and are ready for anything.


  • Construction Sites
  • Oil and Gas Sites
  • Mines
  • City and Highway Paving Sites
  • Logging and Forestry Sites
  • Special Events


  • Visual, Auditory and Hands-On Staff Training and Testing
  • In-Class and Mobile Training Available
  • Compliance to Federal and Provincial OH&S Legislation
  • Training in how to Think, React, and Improvise in Emergency Situations
  • Build on Your Safety Culture
  • Prevent Workplace Injuries
  • Improve Business Performance
  • Face Mask Upon Course Completion