Proactive is Preventative

Every year, workers are injured or killed on industrial job sites in accidents which involve alcohol and/or drug abuse to some degree. This, in addition to the number of Canadians who are seriously injured or killed from accidental prescription drug overdoses, makes for a staggering number.

Beyond tragedy, drug and alcohol use is a major cause of costly work delays in the oil and gas, mining, forestry and construction industries. Being proactive and scheduling on-site drug and alcohol testing can save lives, whether testing is for pre-access, post incident, random cause or reasonable cause.

We offer flexible booking times and quick results, helping to protect both employers and employees. All alcohol and/or drug testing and results processing is performed in accordance with your organizations’ privacy and confidentiality policies.


  • Construction Sites
  • Oil and Gas Sites
  • Mines
  • City and Highway Paving Sites
  • Logging and Forestry Sites
  • Special Events

We collect

  • Specimens
  • Point of Care Testing (POCT)
  • Oral Fluids
  • Screening Test Technician (STT)
  • Pre-Access Testing
  • Post Incident Testing
  • Random or Reasonable Cause Testing

The benefits

  • Quick and Accurate Results for all Testing
  • Being Proactive is the Best Incident prevention
  • Prevent Workplace Injuries
  • Avoid Work Delays and Downtime
  • Improve Business Performance
  • Increase in LTI Free Days
  • A Safe, Responsible Workforce