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On-Site Medical Quality Assurance Skills & Knowledge Drills

Ensuring that all of the Octane Safety Services Ltd medics provide effective and professional medical care for our clients is our top priority. It's because of this that we perform monthly on site medical quality assurance skills and knowledge drills.

Committed to Providing Your Job Site with Medically Competent Personnel

Mobile Treatment Center

 As part of this quality assurance initiative, all of our medics will perform patient treatment scenarios, designed specifically to cover competencies required by Enform, the Alberta College of Paramedics and applicable legislation and regulatory agencies.

With our clients' permission, a trained supervisor will visit the work site to run the scenario with the medic. The supervisor will record their observations and make note of positives as well as recommendations for improvement. We are happy to share these observations with our clients, if they wish. 

It is of the utmost importance that every medic we dispatch has the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome the challenges that their jobs present with precision and professionalism. Octane Safety Services Ltd is committed to providing nothing but the highest quality medical services, and supporting our team members while they continue their training is one of the ways we do just that.


Octane Safety Services Ltd Quality Assurance Program

The Octane Safety Services Ltd Quality Assurance Program ensures that we continue to offer a medical service that exceeds industry expectations. Using a documentation, review and accountability approach, we can eliminate confusing miscommunications and create the best possible work environment for our team members, which in turn, means the best possible experience for you, our client.


Effective Communication

Open, two way communication is the key to organization, action and transparency. We use Quality Health Safety Environment software (QHSE) to define workflows, communicate with other team members, perform analysis, keep track of our training requirements and history, manage risk assessments, incident reporting and investigations, and keep track of corrective action logs. With all of our company communications flowing through the QHSE software, we're able to 'say it, do it, and then prove it.'

Through weekly assurance calls with our staff members, we have the opportunity to communicate companywide changes while identifying and addressing any concerns they may have. A senior manager is also available, 24/7, to field calls from our team. This is just one more way that Octane Safety Services Ltd is working to provide better customer service by improving clarity of purpose within our company and enhancing employee motivation.



Accountability is an important factor in our being able to deliver positive, productive and professional medical coverage. Monthly supervisor visits, work site inspections, on-the-job training, Safety TV Customized Training Modules and a departmentalized management structure are just some of the ways Octane Safety Services Ltd strives to stay accountable.

For more information on our on site medical quality assurance skills and knowledge drills, please call us: 780-691-7025.


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