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Every year, workers are injured or killed on industrial jobsites in accidents involving alcohol and/or drug abuse. If you add to this the number of Canadians who are seriously injured or die from accidental prescription drug overdoses, the numbers surge even higher.

Beyond the tragedy, drug and alcohol use is a major cause of costly work delays in the oil and gas, mining, forestry and construction industries.

Octane Safety Services Ltd. offers alcohol and drug testing in the workplace to help companies avoid these types of accidents and mitigate losses. We are trained and equipped to offer a full range of testing services for companies of all sizes, including the following:

  • Specimen Collection
  • Point Of Care Testing (POCT)
  • Oral Fluids
  • Screening Test Technician (STT)

Whether you require testing services for reasons that include pre-access, post incident, random or reasonable cause, Octane Safety Services Ltd. offers flexible booking times and provides results quickly. To protect employers and employees alike, our field medics adhere to strict protocols and best practices for testing, so as to ensure the accuracy of our results. All alcohol and/or drug testing and results processing is performed in accordance with organizations' privacy and confidentiality policies.

If your industrial workplace is looking for a trusted source for drug testing in Canada, look no further than Octane Safety Services Ltd. For information on workplace alcohol and drug testing for jobsites throughout northwestern Canada, please get in touch with us: 780-691-7025.


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