COR Auditing

COR AuditingImproved performance requires a work environment with a proactive approach to workplace safety. Accidents and injuries can lead to costly delays, lost time, legal fees and poor workplace morale. Octane Safety Services assesses the health and safety management systems used by companies of all sizes and in any industry to determine where their strategies for preventing accidents and injuries are lacking, and how they can be improved to boost bottom lines and revolutionize the way they work.

Bringing Your Company In Line with Provincial Safety Standards

COR Auditing, or the Certificate of Recognition program, offers companies an effective way to measure the practices and systems used to encourage health and safety in their workplaces against association, industry and jurisdiction standards. When employers elect to have their companies' health and safety management systems audited on a regular basis, they take a giant step toward improved business performance, while proving to their employees, associates and clients that they are serious about maintaining an effective work environment.     

Octane Auditing Services

  • COR Auditing
  • Aviation Auditing
  • BASELINE Audits - to determine if your company is ready for an official audit or identifies the areas where your company needs to improve

Our Commitment

While keeping your business' specific needs and the risks involved with working in your industry front and centre in our minds, we will provide the most comprehensive and objective assessment of your health and safety management systems. Together, we will ensure your company is and continues to be a leader in your industry for workplace safety.
Octane Safety Services provides auditing services for industrial enterprises throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Yukon. For more information on any of our auditing services, please call 780-691-7025.

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