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CareersSince we strive to employ the best employees we can find, we also strive to treat our employees the best we can. The following is just a small list of what you can expect when you work for Octane Safety Services, Rates that are higher than the industry average, top of the line equipment to work with, a friendly atmosphere, an extensive knowledge base, supervisors with plenty of experience in all aspects of the oilfield that are happy to share all the information that they have gathered, extensive, on-site training, a great support structure to help you through those first crucial weeks, supervisors who are always available through different means of communication to answer those questions that always come from nowhere, an ongoing education system through our company newsletter and supervisor visits, as well as perks for when you land your own jobs, do sales calls, assist supervisors, and contribute to our knowledge base. After your probationary period (90 days) you will receive an employee evaluation.

Octane Safety Services has designed a training program, in conjunction with our Medical Director, to train OFA3 level medics who do not currently have the scope to perform blood pressure checks, so they may be able to provide them.

What You can Expect from Octane Safety Services

Here at Octane Safety Services, we strive to work with great clients on great job sites. We handle a wide range of safety services across the oil and gas sector. We try our best to make sure that our employee’s fully understand all aspects of the jobs that they may be asked to work on. In order to make sure that our employee’s are fully prepared, we have created a handy list for your reference, while On-Site as well as a thorough training program, a personal mentorship by one of our experienced employees, and On-Call Managers with many years of Oilfield Experience who are happy to help you, guide you along the way, or answer any questions you may have. You will have a lap top, printer, air card, cell phone, business cards, company stickers and high end medical equipment on every site!

"I consider myself lucky to have worked for a rapidly growing and esteemed company. The medics and management I have met during my time at Octane have shown me such patience, kindness and really made the last seven months a positive adventure. I am so proud to have been apart of this team."

-- Meagan Haayer, Octane Medic.

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