COR Auditing & Safety Services

Occupational Health & Safety Compliance Requires a Solid Safety Program

Whether your company is based in Alberta, B.C. or Saskatchewan, a viable safety program protects your people and your bottom line, while putting you in a better position for compliance with industry and government regulations. Occupational Health and Safety

Whether you're working to comply with the regulations set out by Occupational Health and Safety Alberta, Occupational Health and Safety B.C., or Occupational Health and Safety Saskatchewan, our team of consultants can help you design a safety program that is practicable and effective.

Octane Safety Services Ltd. regularly works with companies in the industrial sector to assess potential risks and develop a system of protocols and control measures that will not only reduce injury and death rates at work sites but also losses to revenue. If you're working toward occupational health and safety compliance or a COR audit, save yourself the time, money and hassle and allow us to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your safety program is in line with regulations at all levels.

Protecting What Matters

With an approved health and safety program, you receive the Saskatchewan, B.C. or Alberta Occupational Health and Safety board recognition which tells potential business associates, employees and customers that your company takes health and safety seriously. Especially for companies in the oil and gas and land management industries, occupational hazards are very real.

Ready to improve the culture of safety at your workplace while ensuring the health and wellbeing of those who work for and with you? Trust us to equip your Alberta, B.C. or Saskatchewan business with the program you need to truly make a difference. We are knowledgeable in OHS Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan legislation.  

Safety Training & Programs are Prerequisites for COR

Construction SafetyWhether your business is in the oil and gas, construction, mining or any other industry, COR requires that you and your employees undergo certain types of training. While industry-specific safety training, like construction safety courses, is required before you can successfully complete the COR audit process, safety training that includes first aid is also a necessary step. Add the successful completion of these various courses with the implementation of a safety program or system, and you will be in a better position to begin the COR audit.

We Can Help Your Company Prepare

We regularly work with commercial and industrial clients, from construction and oilfield companies to forestry crews and others, to help them acquire the skills and system that will improve the culture of safety in their workplaces and ensure they comply with provincial regulations. Whether you require on-site first aid training for your remotely located oilfield crew, or help designing and implementing a construction safety training system and program that will keep your personnel safe on the job, Octane Safety Services Ltd. has the knowledge and experience you need on your side.

Are you preparing for a COR audit? Do your employees require first aid training? Do you need assistance developing an effective safety program? Call Octane Safety Services Ltd. for more information: 780-691-7025.